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    Mark Bleil, LCSW

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 12 years clinical experience in the behavioral health field, and 30 years experience in social work. I believe that the foundation of therapy is the collaborative relationship between client and therapist exploring possibilities and solutions to transcend suffering, face reality and remove barriers to wellbeing. Mark Twain was quoted as saying “Life is one damn thing after the next”. Many times it is the perspective we take on life’s experiences and our focus of attention that determine our emotional and physical well being.

    I believe that it is my job to help you identify and yes, remember the strengths and resources you have accumulated throughout a lifetime of experience that can have a profoundly positive effect on your life and your relationships.

    Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma or experiencing problems in your relationships, the compassionate and caring work of therapy can help you remove the barriers to your living and experiencing a rewarding and meaningful life.

    My work is client centered and solution focused. I believe in looking for new perspectives for problem solving and improving relationships using experiential and cognitive work to address trauma and shift ways of thinking that can hinder your natural progression toward fulfillment.

    It is a profound privilege to work with individuals and families in a collaborative way to instill hope for a better future and help empower them to then choose that future.