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    Yoga Therapy

    Yoga is my daily practice that helps me to manage the stresses of life and remain grounded. Therapeutic yoga helps to improve vagal tone, which assists you in becoming more skilled at self-regulation. Research has shown that yoga is an effective tool for trauma recovery, and stress reduction. Techniques such as deep breathing, interoception-feeling mindfully into body sensations, and moving into different yoga postures can assist you in becoming more embodied and deepen present moment awareness. 

    What Can You Expect from a Yoga Therapy Session?

    Together we will develop a therapeutic plan that is tailored just for you. This may involve movement or relaxation on your mat. I offer a space for you to listen to your body-mind and create safety. You can identify if adding music or more movement feels right for your healing journey. The only requirements are a space to practice, optional pillows or blankets, and comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.

    My Yoga Background

    I attended my first hot yoga class in 2005. Workplace stress brought me to the practice of yoga, but I felt a calling that was much deeper.  Throughout the years I have practiced to varying degrees and levels off and on. In 2020 I completed my 200 RYT Training with Yax Yoga Concepts. I continue my personal practice daily and I am a lifelong student of yoga.